Concours de photo « Imag(in)ing migration »

Photography contest

‘Imag(in)ing migration’
APAD international conference 2018, Roskilde University, Denmark


The Association for the Anthropology of Social Change and Development (APAD) [1], the Department of Food and Resource Economics (University of Copenhagen) and the Department of Social Sciences and Business (Roskilde University) organize an international conference on migration, development and citizenship.
The conference will be held at Roskilde University, Denmark, 23-25 May 2018.

‘Imag(in)ing migration’

Migration flows within and between societies continue to be influenced by and shape the way we think about the world in terms of security, development and citizenship. The increased policing and tightening of European, American, African and Asian borders, the redefining of migration policies restraining migrants’ rights and access to resources and services and the current perception of migration and imaging of ‘migration crises’ that lie at the foundation of these processes represent this confluence. These processes do not prevent migration from occurring, but only redirect its flows. They alter the mobility patterns of migrants and refugees and the way they adapt, find niches in host societies, retain relations with their families and ‘home’ and, through this, shape their sense of belonging and identity. The APAD conference focuses on this relation between migration and development as well as aid, humanitarian intervention, and their connections to citizenship and social change. We wish to shed light on how these new patterns of migration produce new practices and conceptions of citizenship, what this means for migrant groups and host communities and what their impact is on public policies in origin, host and transit countries.

With this photography contest, we are looking to convey this relation of migration, both within and between societies, development and citizenship beyond the written word, through images that contribute to our ability to imagine the multiple dimensions of actual lived migration. We are looking for photos that represent the actual personal, emotional and practical experiences and consequences of migration. Migration is too often conflated with the repetitive narrative of the de-contextualized media image of ‘migration crises’ as crises for countries on the receiving end of migration ‘streams’, which has led to the production of the image of migrants as either ‘vulnerable others‘ (victims) or ‘dangerous others’ (threats). The concept of ‘illegal migrants’ coined in the media has supplied these images and the conflation of the concepts of ‘migration’ with ‘illegality’ or ‘vulnerability’ with the semblance of objective facts. Information on who these people actually are is largely absent or at best marginal in most press coverage. The APAD Conference 2018 and, hence, this photography contest wish to break with this pattern of images. First, by employing photography as a useful tool to visualize actual lived migration; to tell stories. Secondly, as a counterweight to the abundance of photos in the media we are regularly confronted with that reproduce these stereotypical and shortsighted perceptions of migration, migrants and refugees.

Different themes

  1. Physical mobility
  2. Migration and development
  3. Migration, citizenship and identity

The award committee consists of

  1. Oliver Bakewell (IMI, Oxford University, UK)
  2. Sylvie Bredeloup (IRD, France)
  3. Elieth Eyebiyi (LASDEL, Benin)

Submission criteria

  1. You are a student at Roskilde University, University of Copenhagen or another university.
  2. You can only participate once and submit one photo.
  3. The photo you submit fits one of the three themes; mobility, migration and development, migration, citizenship and identity.
  4. Write a 250 words explanation of what we can see on the photo and why it fits one of the three pre-determined themes (mobility, migration and development, migration, citizenship and identity).
  5. Please include the following information: where the photo was made (place), when (date), by whom (name) and what institute (university) you are from.
  6. The photo is made by you!

Submission deadline

Please submit your selected photo to Tirza Julianne van Bruggen at before 30th of March 2018.
To avoid any confusion and facilitate the treatment of your submission, it is particularly important to mention ‘Imag(in)ing migration’ or ‘Photography contest’ as the subject of your email.

For more information about the photography contest (for example about the submission criteria), please contact Tirza Julianne van Bruggen at

For more general information about the APAD international conference 2018, please visit:


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